Transforms your business with SmartSpeak's advanced Speech Technology solutions that allow your customers to self-serve 24 hours a day.

SmartSpeak creates advanced Speech Technology solutions that allow your customers to self-serve 24 hours a day. Advanced contextual technology makes it possible.

Imagine if you could...

  • Make life easier for you customers
  • Reduce call centre operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve brand perception
  • Provide a consistent, quality customer experience 24/7
  • Minimise internal technical needs by opting for hosted solutions
Satisfied Customers

Goal #1: help the caller

When customers phone a business, often it is because they’re experiencing an issue they cannot solve online. The least desirable scenario is when an already frustrated customer is greeted with a sub-par IVR that either:

  • Cannot understand them
  • Demands their life story
  • Forces them through a series of canned questions designed to file them into an agent skill category, rather than helping them.

Research shows that it’s not that callers dislike Speech Technology; they dislike ‘reactive’ systems designed to make it harder to speak to a human. Our goal is always to help the customer as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

SmartSpeak creates solutions where the No.1 goal is to help the caller. Where possible, we want to identify who the customer is without them having to say a word and proactively predict why they’re calling.

When your customers wish to pay a bill, report a fault, check the status of an order, track an item, learn opening hours or resolve other queries specific to your business, they can do so easily with SmartSpeak – without ever having to speak with a customer service representative.

By integrating with a customer’s existing technical infrastructure, often we can help callers more proactively and faster than an agent can. Sometimes our solutions reduce agent-assisted calls by as much as 80%.

This allows your valuable call centre agents to spend their time securing new business and dealing with complex issues.

SmartSpeak is all about making life easier for your customers by putting their queries in context and managing their requests intuitively.

Customer Options

Advanced technology

We use advanced technologies to provide customers with first-class experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Voice Biometrics & other tools